Pacific Solution and Technologies Limited is a part of the Budhrani Group that has been operational in the West African Market for 35 years in the business of different verticals. The Budhrani Group has their operations spread across Africa, Middle East, United Kingdom, India, Indonesia and Singapore. Pacific Solution and Technologies Limited is a System Integrator with an objective to provide innovative solution to the West African Countries including Nigeria, Ivory Coast, Ghana and Togo.

Steering Forward the Company; under the leadership of Mr. D.N Budhrani (Chairman), Mr. GautamBudhrani (CEO) and Mr Jeetu K Hira (Director Operations); Today Pacific Solution and Technology (PST) has been able to position it self among the prime bidders for end to end solution offerings.

We provide a blend of Hardware, Software, Security and Communication solutions to help companies build their business process thus enhancing their core competency. The focus of the company is to provide Best of Breed solutions from companies that are into business integration and process management to enable real time business for the African Market. In addition to our services both Direct Sales for Solution and the Channel Sales for Technology Products are delivered by us.

All our business partners have excellent domain expertise in different verticals with a high profile global customer base. We have handpicked these companies and studied their detailed delivery process to ensure that we can leverage upon the local competency to offer global solutions to our clients. Working with us, also gives our partners the competitive edge of dealing with a Global expert. On one hand we are the constant roving eyes of our customers ' for identifying innovative and leading edge technology and solutions while on the other hand we develop, manage & support our vendor / technology partners in promoting their products and increasing market share in the region.

Our Partners are namely Oracle USA, IBM USA, Netcore India, Sophos USA, Intense Technologies, Arcos UK, E resource ERP UAE, WIN IT India, Go Frugal India, My Reports (Report ONE) France.

Pacific Solution and Technologies Limited can thus proudly say that our services and solution can certainly help organization orchestrate process across their enterprise in a real time environment. During the years of operation Pacific Solution and Technology has moved beyond product and into offering Value added Services to our customers.

With several customers today benefiting from using our solutions, we believe in not only providing consulting services to bring out the best practices but also innovative technologies and business models available to customers to help them to adapt quickly in a technology environment that is under rapid change.

It is imperative to mention Team Structure of the company which includes the front end General Managers, Solution Design Managers, Implementation Consultants, Technical Managers and Operation Heads of the Company along with our back end customer support group. Both Teams takes a partnership approach to interact with customers and also provide project implementation along with problem solving method. Our support engineers draw from their own product knowledge, as well as from the Customers domain expertise, to help meet the customer's objectives. These highly-skilled support engineers are well-versed and certified not only in the product and Services offered by Pacific Solution and Technologies Limited, but also in a broad spectrum of third-party platforms and applications.