Document Management Solution (DMS)

Organizations today are faced with demands for providing instant access to information and thereby offer better services in time. To be able to cater to the growing demands organizations are looking forward for a solution that is dependable, cost effective and also cater to the requirements with ease.

Enterprise Document Management System (EDMS) and Business Process Management (BPM) that intelligently manages repositories of heterogeneous information that traditionally have been managed separately like the paper documents, records, electronic documents in local area network storage etc., and ways to optimize the secured flow of information & content distribution for correspondence between departments, using Business Process Automation & Management.

UNIDOC SUITE is an Enterprise wide solution that caters to the challenges faced by organizations in managing their business processes and heterogeneous content originating from various sources in different file formats. Application enables organizations to define business processes and create/capture, manage/secure, store/retain/destroy, publish/distribute, search/retrieve, and present/view/print the content.

Physical documents can be scanned through the application and stored into the repository, while electronic documents can be imported into the repository; documents are then indexed for easy retrieval. Images/files are stored in the Image Repository / Image Server / File Server, which can either be a server hard disk or a SAN (Storage Area Network) and the corresponding metadata information is stored in a database. Security measures in terms of access control are provided by the UNIDOC SUITE and only authorized users can use the system based on their access privileges. Above all, it enables the administrator to have a single point control on the whole system.

The key benefits derived from the solution are: