BI Tools

Report plays a key role in the daily operation of any enterprise. The reports that are generated in any application needs to be customized to meet the requirements of the user. The layout and the contents of the reports needs to created and modified as per users requirements.

ORION ERP has a dedicated suite known as the Business Intelligence (BI) SUITE to customize the reports. The tools in the suite enable the user to set the layout, analyze it, and edit for a report to meet any specific need.

ORION Analytic Designer is a tool that is involved in ORION BI SUITE. ORION Analytics Designer aims to meet the demands of customers who are increasingly finding the need for more sophisticated reporting solutions, with features such as custom report design, ad-hoc report creation, analytics and performance management. It provides an efficient, accurate and cost-effective solution for generating relevant Business Intelligence reports.

ORION Analytics provides the most effective platform for retrieving business information from ORION. The primary output formats are through interactive Web pages and Microsoft Excel spreadsheets. The software infrastructure of this business solution is the foundation for applications such as client reporting, financial reporting, executive Info-boards and business analytics

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Comparative Sales Cost Analysis - Across Years / Months Top 'N' Analysis - Product, Location and Customer wise Ranking based on Profitability / Sales Value Monthly / Quarterly Sales - Product wise, Location Wise and Customer Wise
Daily / Weekly / Monthly Sales in a Calendar format from where drill down is possible to the Invoice Level Drill Down Data of the Daily / Weekly / Monthly Sales in a Listing Format Drill Down Data of the Daily / Weekly / Monthly Sales in a Graphical Format
Monthly / Quarterly Purchase Product / Location / Customer Wise BI Dashboards in Action