Know Your Customer Solution

Intense's KYC is an intelligent end-to-end automated solution that captures customer information through SMART phones and pushes through a workflow of checks and verifications.

Key customer information viz., application form, metadata, photograph, Proof of Address (POA), Proof of Identity (POI) and fingerprints are captured to comply with International regulations.

The information thus captured is sent through an intelligent check that involves audit, data entry, error correction, QA and warehousing.

Benefits of the solution:

Enables prompt and efficient compliance

Improves operational efficiency

Complete, reliable databases to accurately identify and monitor customers who fail to comply

Why any DMS solution will not do?

DMS can complement a KYC solution but cannot replace it Data de-dupe, audit and QC cannot be achieved by the traditional DMS Besides, KYC is about data and image integrity, cannot be substituted by a DMS solution

Towards efficient adherence to regulations while retaining business sense