NetGenie Wireless Router

NetGenie offers age-wise, easy Parental controls!

Worry no more if your kids go online secretly in their rooms or when you are not at home. NetGenie enables you to easily set age-appropriate Internet controls for your kids that block adult/unsafe Internet content, inappropriate for their age-group.

Control their access to Facebook, Skype, games and other websites and applications with NetGenie's schedule-based Internet controls. Protect your home Wi-Fi network against viruses and hackers over any internet-access device like desktops, laptops, and smartphones used to surf the Internet at home. Get user-based Internet activity reports with NetGenie that updates you on websites and applications your kids went to.

Key Highlights of NetGenie :

Ensure a safe and enjoyable Internet surfing experience for your family with CyberoamNetGenie. Keep viruses, botnets, intruders and hackers at bay when your family surfs online. Enable access to age-appropriate Internet content for your kids with NetGenie's age-wise parental controls that block harmful Internet content for kids and allows access to websites and applications that are suitable to their age-group. NetGenie's pre-set Wi-Fi security allows you to securely connect your Wi-Fi devices to the Internet as soon as NetGenie is turned on - without requiring any manual settings. NetGenie secures all your devices working over Wi-Fi network including laptops, iPads, smartphones, gaming consoles, and more. You get Internet activity reports and security reports of your home network with NetGenie's real-time reporting feature. The NetGenie includes a 3-year security subscription to Parental Controls (Website filtering, Applications filtering), Anti-Virus and Intrusion Prevention System that automatically keeps you updated with the changing Internet threats.

By taking simple precautions while surfing internet you can save your family from internet threats :

Unified Threat Management for SOHO

NetGenie works as a wireless Unified Threat Management (UTM) appliance for Small Offices, Home Offices. It creates a Wi-Fi zone for you along with the benefits of Stateful Inspection Firewall, VPN, in-built Anti-Virus, Intrusion Prevention System, 3G Ready and Internet Controls over websites and applications - all this in your Wireless Router! Share Internet connection with your office users over desktops, laptops, handheld devices like iPad, iPhone and more -at the same time! NetGenie's pre-configured security settings offer you protection from unauthorized outsiders the moment you turn on NetGenie. Protect all devices used to connect to the Internet - laptops, desktops, iPhone, iPad, and more - from virus and hackers. Control user access to harmful and unproductive websites and applications like adult sites, job portals, sports sites Facebook, Skype, Yahoo Messenger and more to enhance security and productivity in your office. Get the flexibility to set schedule-based access to specific websites and applications for your users. Get real-time reports on your office Internet use and user activities and manage your NetGenie configuration with any Internet-access device that you may have!

Key Features :