EndPoint Security

END POINT SECURITY is an information security concept that assumes that each device (end point) is responsible for its own security. End point security places the onus of security on the device itself. Examples exist with Broadband users' increasing use of desktop firewalls, Spam and Antivirus software. A variant of the end point security is the on-demand securing of a device. In this concept the server sends ActiveX or java components which take appropriate security measures: Profiling of the client environment from perspective of firewall, antivirus, patches, etc., memory protection program to create virtual desktop whose memory is different from that of the host system and deletes all data on exit. Another look at endpoint security should include computer level tools that provide administrative control over the use of memory devices. Controlling the use of memory sticks, SD cards and other flash drive type memory devices. Endpoint security also includes the protection of a businesses network from employee memory devices that may unknowingly contain malware

Endpoint Security with eScan

Home users and Organizations today face a threat landscape that involves stealthy, targeted, and financially motivated attacks that exploit vulnerabilities in endpoint devices. Many of these sophisticated threats can evade traditional security solutions, leaving organizations vulnerable to data theft and manipulation, disruption of business-critical services, and damage to corporate brand and reputation. USB flash drives - Useful tool or security nightmare? USB (Universal Serial Bus) / flash drive is one of the most successful computer interfaces in the history of the personal computer. All desktop or notebook computers manufactured today support this feature which replaced the parallel and serial ports. These devices can be easily brought in and out of office areas, and they can be "silently" inserted into, receive data from, and then removed from a workstation with absolutely no record of the actions taken. With eScan Endpoint Security, workstations and network are fully protected from theft of information by unauthorized employees. With the powerful eScan Management Console, you can centrally manage all end points on your network and closely monitor all USB activities in real-time. Protecting your USB ports is mandatory where security is a priority, just like your firewall and antivirus software. Act immediately to tighten up your security system protecting confidential information and property rights.

Cyberoam Endpoint Data Protection protects endpoints from data leakage with identity and group-based policy controls, encryption, shadow copies, logging, reporting and archiving. It offers data protection and asset management in four easy -to - deploy and use modules- data protection and encryption, Device Management, Application control and Asset Management. These modules enable organizations to limit access only to trusted devices, applications and recipients while sharing data and also reduce IT burden with reduced support calls for malware attacks recovery and more.