Insurance Application

Premia is an integrated comprehensive solution for General insurance companies covering the entire business cycle from underwriting and claim management to reinsurance and accounting. With a set of powerful tools this solution is aimed to enhance insurance business processes and other aspects of a General Insurance company that directly consequents to higher profitability.

Employing a modular and parametric approach to management of insurance business and deploying it enterprise wide through client-server and web-based technologies,

Premia ensures quick, accurate and easy access to information. Web-portals of the system are fully compatible with the main modules and facilitate business distribution. They can be effectively used as Points of Sales for standard or pre-underwritten products, be it travel, medical or motor. These portals give freedom of mobility to your sales personnel and agents and give your company the competitive edge in expanding your distribution network.

Why Premia?

  • Single integrated platform and environment for all classes and types of general insurance products
  • Flexible modular structure that allows for effective integration of all the divisions under unified business process
  • Fast, simple and flexible creation of new insurance products thanks to parameterized approach to configuration, that helps reducing time-to-market and expand the spectrum of offerings
  • Well-defined workflow covering all the steps of insurance business, from underwriting to claim management, reinsurance and accounting and helping to quicken the underwriting decisions
  • Multi-language and multi-currency support with consolidated financial information on multi-currency transactions
  • Customer-centric approach providing single view of the customer profile
  • Effective management of various distribution channels. Web-portals allow sales through multiple channels, be it agents, brokers, motor showroom or traffic patrol post
  • Great choice of the pre-configured reports, including MIS, and freedom to create any report to meet regulatory or internal auditing standards
  • Robust and scalable technological architecture with a great choice of operating systems and platforms, multi-level security and access control. Effective load balancing and high performance with unlimited number of users accessing the system.
  • Open-ended system allows for easy integration with any third-party software.
  • Fast implementation and return on investment. Effective post-implementation support by a dedicated team of professionals

Premia covers a wide range of general insurance classes of business that can always be modified to meet exact requirements of the customer. Parametric approach to defining new or modifying the existing Insurance products facilitates product launch in the market.

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